EB4355A/EB4355B a PVDC primer

  • 01Description

    EB4355A/EB4355B is an two-component polyurethane adhesive, specializing for prime coating PVDC emulsion on substrate films of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA for food packaging which demands excellent barrier rate with high transparent rate; also for PVDC emulsion on substrate films of PVC, VMPVC and aluminum composite panel for pharmaceutical packaging. The adhesive has the good performance on high initial viscosity, high fluidity, good transparency, soft coating, anti-aging, anti-medium, anti-freezing, etc. It also c
  • 02Performance characteristics

    Specializing for prime coating PVDC emulsion on substrate films of BOPP, BOPET, BOPA for food packaging which demands excellent barrier rate with high transparent rate. Specializing for PVDC emulsion on substrate films of PVC, VMPVC and aluminum composite panel for pharmaceutical packaging.With excellent anti-medium, anti-auxiliaries performance High initial and final bonding strength, good flow property, good coating property to the film, the laminated film have good resistance for film-aging, freezing etc
  • Health norms

    Health norms

    OCHEM EB4355A/EB4355B 2-component Ester based polyurethane adhesive are in compliance with the positive lists of the following, internationally accepted guidelines for the production of articles intended to come into indirect contact with food stuff.

    - EU RoHS directive (EU) 2015/863 amending Annex II to directive 2011/65/EU

    - CFR, title 21, § 175.105 of the FDA, Washington D.C., respectively

    - Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 concerning the REACH


    As an indirect contact material in food and drugs packaging industry, OCHEM EB4355A/EB4355B are definitely suitable to make the film laminating for food packaging and doesn’t contain any noxious, destructive and harmful material to human health.

  • Product specifications

    Product specifications



    (OH component)


    (NCO component)


    Main agent



    Polyester polyol modification

    Isocyanate-terminated Polymer


    Light yellow transparent liquid

    Light yellow transparent liquid

    Solid Content(%)



    Viscosity (mPa.s)




    Ethyl acetate

    Ethyl acetate

    Mix Proportion



    Shelf life



  • Operating conditions

    Operating conditions

    Application Method                Direct gravure or smooth roller coating                               

    Application solids                 15~20%                                  

    Pot Life          Static           8 hours approximately                        

                         Dynamic         24 hours approximately                        

    Dry Coating Weight                0.3-0.5 Gsm depending on structure               

    Cure Time                        over 48 hours (45-55℃)                         

    Cleaning Solvent                   Ethyl Acetate                                 

    Mixing ratio: EB4355A: EB4355B  5:1.

    Dilution: First add ethyl acetate to the main agent, stir well, and then add a curing agent. The curing agent must be decanted, or a small amount of ethyl acetate should be set aside, and then stir well. .

    Coating method: It can be applied to the coating of any smooth roller and anilox roller.

    Working concentration: Generally recommended concentration is 10-25%.

    Drying:it  must be sufficient air volume, wind speed and temperature. Temperatures in three section are between 50~60°C, 60~70°C and 70~80°C from the inlet to the outlet.

    Working concentration %

    EB4355A KGS

    EB4355B KGS

    Ethyl Acetate KGS

















    Solvent is ethyl acetate, acetone, MEK,  the water content should be less than 0.03%, the alcohol content should be less than 0.02%, Ethyl acetate is recommended.

    PVDC on BOPET: Prime coat EB4355A/B   0.35~0.4GSM  +  Top coat PVDC 2.7GSM   totally within 3.2g/m2     Mix ratio  EB4355A:EB4355B = 20:4
    PVDC on BOPP:   Prime coat EB4355A/B 0.30~0.35GSM  +  Top coat PVDC 2.7GSM   totally within 3.1g/m2     Mix ratio  EB4355A:EB4355B = 20:3.5  



  • Packing specifications

    Packing specifications

    Pack in steel drum normally.

    Main agent is 20kg/drum. Hardener is 4kg/drum.


  • Store


    Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from heat and ignition sources . Keep container tightly closed.

    Refer to MSDS for more safety information

  • Special instructions

    Special Instructions

    1. The LDPE and CPP films must be corona-treated with a surface tension greater than 38 mN/m. The PA film must be double-corona treated as an intermediate layer. The surface tension must not be less than 52 mN/m; the surface tension of the PET film must not be Less than 52 mN/m.

    2. The temperature and humidity of the environment have a great influence on the time for storing the configured adhesive. It is recommended to arrange the adhesive in small quantities for a few times in high temperature and high humidity weather to avoid waste.

    3. During the laminating processing, care must be taken to check and control the viscosity.

    4. Residual adhesive: The remaining adhesive cannot be used in principle. If the amount of residual liquid is excessive, it shall be sealed and stored in cool place after dilution, which could be used as diluent for operation in next day, and a small amount shall be little by little added to the newly prepared adhesive solution. It cannot be used any more, if it appears cloudy, translucent or thickened.

    5. The concentration and additives in the film have an influence on the bonding strength of the laminated film and must be selected before use.

    6. Do not mix this product with other adhesives. If necessary, please consult our technical department.

    7. Pay attention to fire prevention and static elimination.